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With professional experience in a huge variety of genres and a 1st Class Bachelor of Music Degree, Jessica can inspire and equip drum students for all kinds of playing scenarios, whether that's jamming with friends, playing in church, function gigs, studio recording or performing on a big festival stage. Whether you're a complete beginner or would like to take your existing drumming skills to a professional level, Jessica has the technical knowledge and industry experience to get you on track to becoming the best drummer you can be.


Drum lessons are based at 'Telegrafia' in Hackney and include a mixture of the following subjects and practices, catered to the students specific goals...

- Sight-reading & transcribing
- Learning songs
- Technique study, (Moeller method) in both matched and traditional grip
- Jazz co-ordination and big band drumming
- Preparation for graded exams (Trinity/ Rockschool syllabus grades 1-8)
- Double kick and metal drumming
- Ensemble playing
- Improvisation
- Style studies (Rock/ Pop/ Jazz/ Latin/ Metal & more)
- Rudiments
- Professional skills (prep for sessions, touring, dep gigs etc)

If you're thinking of becoming a drummer, don't let anything stop you! Book a free taster lesson to start learning your first drum beats. 

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