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Hire Jessica for your project...

Recording sessions, theatre shows, jazz gigs, festivals, you name it! Jessica will bring a fully professional performance.  To enquire contact

'Jess has an extraordinary maturity and range in her playing for such a young drummer and has professional experience to match. She understands an extremely broad range of musical genres and can adapt her playing to suit them accordingly. She combines great time with great technique and knows that the music always comes first. Definitely a name to watch out for and a musician I would have no hesitation in recommending.'

- Pete Cater, Drummer/ Bandleader/ Producer

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HAWXX - Soulbreaking Machines

The soulbreaking machines are the systems that turn everything into profit, commodifying the natural world,, our creativity, our time our very minds. The system will tell you that a tree is worth more dead than it is alive. And we have come to just accept that as a reality.


The Drawtones - Hammond Low down

“Hammond Low Down” celebrates some of the most iconic jazz, funk and blues covers with The Drawtones placing their own authentic groove to all 10 tracks. The tracks on the album feature music from artists such as Grover Washington Jr, George Duke, Booker T Jones, Dan Moretti, George Harrison and many more.


The Drawtones - Groovin' Magic

The 2nd Album by 'The Drawtones' featuring iconic jazz guitarist Jim Mullen.


HAWXX - You're Only As Loud As You Shout Right Now

''HAWXX second EP is a writhing neutron star of fury that offers big-sisterly comfort to the hurting, trapped and misunderstood.'' - Invicta Magazine

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Sweet Escape - Nick Corbin

Nick Corbin of 'New Street Adventure' returns with his debut solo album, Sweet Escape. Jessica is the drummer on tracks 'Thought it through', 'Sunshine In', 'Never Did Look Like love' and 'Can We Do It Again?'.

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